If other fund management companies only select portfolio by analyzing financial data and market, Amber Capital always put ourself in the position of customers to create exceptional value.

Amber Capital assign personnel to key positions of the investee companies, helping them to improve corporate governance, competitiveness and capture new opportunities.

The combination of knowledge, extensive relationships with domestic enterprises and experience in foreign market of shareholders and key personnel of Amber Capital is a distinct advantage of Amber Capital comparre with other fund management companies.

Amber Capital investment team comprises economic experts in the domestic capital market; with many years of experience working in state enterprises and leading financial institutions in Vietnam and group of young, dynamic and well-trained professionals from renowned international universities.

The investment decisions are studied and analyzed in-depth, combined different views on the criteria through the analysis system standardized by our financial experts and rigorous risk management tools.

Risk management:

Risk management has always been respected at Amber Capital, which is expressed in “Rules of internal governance” and the “Ethical standards”. With the close monitoring on the implementation of corporate governance rules include “Investments evaluation process”, “Customer discovery rule” and “Internal governance process” are important factor in the protection of assets and reputation of Amber Capital, as well as protect the rights, benefits and trust of customers.

All investment activities at Amber Capital are closely monitored by the custodian bank and the State Securities Commission. At the same time, the investment results are made into monthly reports to each customer, as well as full disclosure of information under the provisions of the Securities Act.

Customer discovery rule applied to all customers before and during the process of cooperation and investment helps Amber Capital regularly updated risk appetite of customers to adjust the investment policies consistent with each period as well as making adjustments in accordance with the provisions of anti-money laundering, compliance with laws and regulations of Vietnam and international practices.