Amber Capital invests in SMEs with proven track record and growth prospects, strong competitive advantages, good management and corporate governance, where capital injection and business improvement would create values in the medium to long term.

In selecting investment opportunities, we focus on the following four most important criteria:

Competitive advantage:

The investee company must have competitive advantage and potential to become market leader.

Strong and cooperative management:

All investments are considered based on the combination of the management’s competency and its willingness to cooperate with investors.

Value creation in medium and long term:

The investment and cash injection to the company should lead to an improvement of its business and increase the value of the business in the medium to long term, which paves the way for a successful exit of the fund involved.

Risk mitigation:

Risks are assessed through evaluation criteria and mitigated through customized deal structuring. In addition, we negotiate contractual protections and rights as part of the investment structures: assign member of the Board of management, supervisory Board, CFO, … to enhance the ability to monitor of the investment and participate in the decision making process of the investee companies.