Amber Fund Management JSC (Amber Capital) is a fund management company established in October 8, 2008 under establishment permit No. 39/GP-UBCK by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam.

Amber Capital focuses on market leading companies with great potential and attractive growth opportunities, thus opens up favorable opportunities to invest in Vietnamese market for domestic and foreign investors.

Amber Capital shareholders:

Amber Capital shareholders are dynamic, experienced and leading financial experts, with sustainable relationships with domestic enterprises and extensive knowledge of their business activities. This is one of the advantages of Amber Capital in finding, evaluating, and selecting highly effective investment opportunities.


Amber Capital aims to become a leading fund management company in Vietnam.


Bridging investment opportunities for retail customers, domestic and foreign SMEs.

Operation phylosophy:

– With Fiduciary investors:

   + Amber Capital opens up investment opportunities in many different areas from the partnership network of Fund shareholders and Executive Board with leading enterprises, commercial banks, funds and other financial institutions.

   + Provide structured, flexible investment products, which are consistent with the goals of the investors based on strong understanding of market practices and legal compliance.

   + Improve operating administration, competitiveness and accelerate growth by capturing new opportunities, mitigate risks and scale up business model of companies in fiduciary portfolio.

– For investee companies:

   + Integrate brand of professional fund management.

   + With the objective to bring exceptional value for investee companies, Amber Capital supports technology solutions, governance activities, dramatic increases operational efficiency business, ensure business objectives.

   + Legal support from a team of legal experts.

   + Support financial activities: financial plannning, capital raising, expanding investment, business expansion and IPO